The laser physics section granted the master degree in (characterization of inN nanoparticles prepared by laser as a photo detector)

Sara F. Abass the student from Laser Physic section has granted master degree on her thesis (characterization of inN nanoparticles prepared by laser as a photo detector).the discussion was take place in the building of the laser physics section and the debate committee was comprised from : The assistant prof. Dr.Raad M. Salah /Baghdad university /collage of science/physics a chairman The assistant perf.Dr. Mukhls M. Ismaal and The assistant perf.Dr.Azhar A.Hussan a member The assistant perf.Dr.Khawla Salah Khashan / technological university /applied science department a supervisor The assistant perf.Dr.Mahde H. Seheel …as a scientific export and prof.Dr. Najim Abdul Kadhim as a lingual export. Her thesis has subjected to validation population program. The researcher found that the indium nitride nanoparticles as a suspension prepared by laser ablation of indium target submerged under ammonium hydroxide. Pulsed nanosecond Nd: YAG laser at 1064 nm wavelength was employed in this work . two different laser conditions were changed.