Important websites addresses


Websites title of the most important  (Ministries, Universities, Colleges,Departments, libraries, etc.) that  related to the department .
The Ministry of Education
Ministry of Communications
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Industry and Minerals
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Displacement and Migration
Ministry of of Foreign
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Oil
Baghdad Governorate
Municipality of Baghdad
Baghdad University
Mustansiriyah University
Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics
Nahrain University
University of Mosul
Basra University
University of Babylon
Diyala University
University of Kufa
University of Karbala
Anbar University
Islamic University
Tikrit University
Wasit University
Misan University
University of Muthanna
Kirkuk University
Diyala University
University of Qadisiya
Islamic University
Authority of technical education
Rafidain University College
Mansour University College
Dijla University College
Baghdad College of Pharmacy