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Citizens affairs unit

Citizens Affairs Unit in the University of Technology adopted the statute cooperation among all the Citizens, Universities presidency, scientific departments, centers and offices in order to accomplish the files and to overcome the hindrances that may face the Citizen during his trailing.

The important duties of Citizens Affairs Unit are as follow:
1-Recive and listen to Citizens complaints and direct them to the right place.
2-Take all the requests that addressed to the President of University.
Then, present these requests to him to know his opinion.
3-Direct supervision at the Organization of the interviews of the President of University.
4- Inserting the requests of Citizens according to electronic system to accelerate the response
5- Contact the Citizens about the procedure of his or her request and complaint by Phone , Email or Review.
6- Addressing the Scientific Departments , Administrative section and centers concerning the request of the citizens to announce their opinion.
7- Receipt the requests of the Citizens by Phone or Email of Citizens Affairs Unit and forwarded these requests to the relevant Authorities
8- Consider the suggestions of Citizens that concerned with the performance of University of Technology.

 The objectives of Citizens Affairs Unit
1- Citizens Affairs Unit considered as the preface of the President of the University.
2- Provide better services to all Citizens.
3- Direct and continuous contact with all relevant Authorities concerning requests.
4- This unit reflects civilized phenomenon in modern societies.

The mechanism of presenting requests
1-Writing the request clearly considering the identification of subject and address.
2- writing the full name , Address of sender , Phone number , Email , office , Work place and scientific departments in order to reply . the request will be neglected if the information that mentioned above does not exist
3- Do not add the attachment to the request (send the attachment by Email )

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