About University of Technology
UOT Vision , Mission & Objectives

The University is located in Al-Sina'a Street in the area of Tel Muhammad in the center of the capital Baghdad.

The university started its march steadily and by scientific achievements, the origin of the university was due to 1960 where the idea of setting up an institute of industrialists teachers by Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNESCO, and declared the establishment of the Institute on 22/1/1960, and the study has been identified for five years after high school where the graduate student had been conferred a B.Sc. degree in the Applied Engineering.

Forty five male students, all of them were industrial high school graduate students, had been accepted at a first batch.

Since its foundation, Institute's objectives are characterized by preparing applied engineers that many factories and engineering projects need them as well as preparing technical teachers for the purpose of teaching in industrial and professional schools. The Institute also aimed to prepare trainers for the scientific materials and technical superintendents to manage factories departments by developing several courses at the institute; the period of study was limited under instructions of the Council of the Institute and the approval of Minister of Education.

The Institute included the following departments:

Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Department of Automotive Engineering.
Department of Electrical Engineering.
Department of Building and Constructional Engineering.
Department of General Materials Engineering.

A few months after its birth, the Institutes name had been changed into the High Industrial Institute under an instruction of the Ministry of Education through agreement with UNESCO in 1967.
Then the latter's name was replaced to the College of Industrial Engineering and subsequently has been amended to the College of Technological Engineering which was annexed to the University of Baghdad.
After that it was disconnected from the University of Baghdad and then a resolution of University of Technology foundation was issued on Apr 1, 1975.