MOU between UOT and TU


MOU between The University of Technology Baghdad , Iraq and Technical University Freiberg (TU) , Germany

The University of Technology (UOT) signed MOU with TU Freiberg University (Germany) on Dec.15/2009.
A group of Professors from the University of Technology headed by Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr.Ahmed Moosa attended the meeting of Mechanical Eng. Group from Dec.,15th – 20th , 2009 at TU Freiberg. Dr.Moosa from the University of Technology and Prof.Christoph Breitkreuz from TU Freiberge signed the MOU.
This invitation is based on Program of Partner Conference of DAAD Iraqi University Partnership held in Erbil-Iraq on Oct 20-21, 2009.

During this ceremony, Dr.Moosa gave the following speech :

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Christoph Bretkreuz, TU Freiberg 
Mr. Alexander Haridi (DAAD Representative)
Dr. Salah Al Abassi (Iraqi Cultural Attaché )
President of Baghdad University
President of Sulymania University
Vice president of Salah Aldeen University
The Honorobale Guests
"Learning is the heart of life - the mystical power that turns a word into a sign, a look into a smile, a house into a home, and people into a civilization".
In the name of University of Technology Presiednt , faculty members ,staff and students we thank you very much.
We are so honored to be here at Freiberg – Germany. This invitation is based on Program partner conference of DAAD university Partnership with Iraq held in Erbil- Iraq  Oct 20/21 2009.
What a pleasure and privilege is to be here today. We are deeply grateful for your kind invitation, for the wonderful honor you have given us. We are looking for a rich partnership between TU Freiberg and the University of Technology –Baghdad Iraq. 
In today’s community of nations, a country’s standing is no longer recognized simply by what it can achieve for itself, but just as much by what it can do for others.
"Who opens a school door, closes a prison". (Victor Hugo)
Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is a preparation for life; education is life itself. (John Dewey)
As we gathered here, sooner or later we will discover that this is an important moments in our life. 
My warmest congratulations go to all who participated in today events.  Friends and faculty members will be proud in these achievements.
The TU Freiberg University is great believer in technology .
Today, much of the attention has been focused on the challenges of the developing world. We hope that the TU Freiberg commitment to the global context and the developing world is inspiring.
The world priorities today are including information technology, environmental and energy sciences, Nanotechnology , natural resource management, agricultural sciences and nutrition, public health and telemedicine, and so many others. What we need is a  continuing international goals, increasing joint programs, broadening exchange programs, building international community service and internship opportunities, and creating new academic programs with a global perspective.
It is so great to reconcile the global and the local, the urban and the rural, the regional and the national. This is great challenge but we can do it.
These two universities are dedicated to education, to culture, to health, and to environmental improvement.
There is a German proverb by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) – composer who said " To talk well and eloquently was a very great art, but that an equally great one was to know the right moment to stop." This is agood point to stop .

So thank you very much

Delegations from other Iraqi Universities attended the meeting iincluding Iraqi Cultural Attaché in Berlin,  president of University of Baghdad , president of University of Sulymania , Vice President of University of Salahdeen  .

First day  Dec. 15 2009,  MOU was signed . A presentation was given as an introduction to the education system in Iraq and the University of Technology.

A Summary of MOU :

1. Organizing of joint academic and scientific activities .
2. Exchanging of academic staff for lectures , conference and research.
3. Exchanging of students for courses and specialized programs .
4. Exchanging of publications and other material of common interest .

Source : Office of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs , [email protected]